About US

About Audemy

Over 70% of blind students are at least a grade level behind in school. Audemy aims to increase accessibility for educational resources to blind and visually impaired learners. Audemy is a collection of educational games aimed for Kindergarten to 8th grade students based on international learning curriculums. Audemy's games are purely audio-based. Audemy also supports initiatives to promote the development of technology and educational resources for social good and accessibility.

Our Story

Our founder, Crystal Yang, learned that blind and visually impaired people were unable to play her favorite word game, Wordle, as it relied heavily on visual interaction. Therefore, she and her team conducted research on converting the game Wordle into a conversational interface for the blind and visually impaired, which was presented at the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction ‘23 in Paris, France.

After learning about the unequal access to educational resources that blind and visually impaired people face, Crystal founded Audemy, aiming to provide an educational resource for blind and visually impaired students all around the world.